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Rose Petals

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear.”



Ale's Petals

One of Ale’s many gifts was her extraordinary generosity. She loved showering people with unexpected surprises - often with gifts and prayers, and always with her love, her humor, her warmth, and her spectacular deep hugs.  Ale inspired all of us with her unending faith and joy, and she continued to share these blessings even in her last days here with us. Spreading the fragrance of God’s love through her small acts, much like a beloved saint of hers, St. Teresa of the Little Flower, was one of Ale’s greatest lessons and is her most enduring legacy. 

And like St. Teresa, Ale promised to continue to rain down blessings like rose petals once she arrived in heaven… and she truly has!  Little surprises that make us laugh out loud because we know Ale’s the instigator, answered prayers that bring us to tears, and quiet whispers in our hearts that fill us with a sudden peace and inexplicable joy in the midst of hardship.

We’ve created this website to capture all of Ale’s petals - big and small - that she rains down on each of us in her own unique way. We hope you share your own holy, joyful moments when Ale continues to bless you with her incredible love. We miss her greatly here on earth, but when our hearts are open and we listen, we can hear her joyous laughter in heaven.

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